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Wheat straw is basically a stalk that remains after harvesting of wheat grains. Usually, it is considered as agricultural waste. It is common to see farmers burning these remains in most of the countries, but the terrible fact is that it leads to huge environmental pollution and may cause potential public health hazards as well.

As forests around the world are suffering a major threat due to the increasing popularity of paper-based products; it is important to find a solid alternative to save them. With wheat straw, you can develop wide range of disposable paper products, and it is a rapidly renewable source as compared to trees.


There are a wide range of benefits associated with wheat straws; few of them are listed below:

*They are sturdy, durable and strong solutions.

*Products made up of wheat straw are freezer and microwave safe.

*These natural materials are capable enough to handle hot liquids up to 100 celsius temperature range.

*They offer gluten-free, BPA-free and non-allergic solutions.

*They do not contain harmful toxic elements that could otherwise harm human health.


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