Super Star Muslin

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Babybamba is made from 100% Bamboo, this Muslin Swaddle Blanket is known to be one of the softest, silkiest material often compared to Cashmere which makes it perfect for delicate skin.

Bamboo has some amazing properties, it thermoregulates against babies skin, its breathable, it has antibacterial properties and it is grown ethically without pesticides.

Our Bamboo Muslins are not only lovely to touch, but they have a multitude of uses such as a blanket, pushchair cover or liner, cuddle blanket, sleep swaddle or feeding cover.

Size: 120cm by 120cm

Design: Super Star

Care Instructions: Machine Washable

Customer Reviews

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Lovely star print and incredibly soft !!!
My sister-in-law law loved it so much she asked if I could order a second - says she uses it a lot for my niece 😊

So so soft

I bought this for my son who uses a muslin he has had since he was born, as his comforter aka "Huggy" 😍 . He's nearly 8 now (I know, but he's my only baby and growing too fast) and Huggy is in tatters, so we chose this as an alternative. It's HUGE and so so soft even without being washed a gazillion times! My son immediately used it as a cape and it has helped him deal with these crazy times and going back to school. Lovely to have a 'thank you for purchase' from babybamba too. Arrived well packed. Highly recommended!

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