Changing bag (Blue)

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Babybamba’s updated backpack diaper bag allows plenty of room for everyone's essentials, including baby's diapers, baby wipes, baby bottles, baby food, pacifiers, toys, mum and dad's keys, mobile phones, and more.

Features & details

Handsfree: If you are travelling or need your hands free, this is your bag! It has amazing shoulder straps for comfortable walking.

Convenient: The baby changing rucksack can be wide-open, making it very easy to fill or take out your stuff. Nappies and clothes can be taken out from the lower back without digging from the top of the bag.

Waterproof: Our baby changing bag is made of high grade polyester fabric with waterproof treatment. Inside lining is water-resistant and easily wipe-clean too. Any messes or spills made can easily be cleaned up in a breeze.

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