Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Merry Christmas to Everyone!



In last week’s blog we spoke about my families visit to LaplandUK, tips for a more sustainable Christmas and I also mentioned BabyBamba’s television debut in February 2020, on ITVbe / Sam Faiers, ‘The Mummy Diaries’.

This week I want to talk to you about the Bachmann’s Christmas Day, why it was so special to me, and also the amount of physical waste that is generated from one single day of the year, Christmas!!

I hope everyone has had the most amazing Christmas and all little ones got everything they had wished for from Santa (apologies to the ones who were on his naughty list) and I hope all adults had a wonderful day, packed with fun and relaxation (who am I kidding).

We had lots of fun in our house, but very little relaxation (it was manic in our house from the get go). We awoke on Christmas Day very early to open our presents. I was mindful that Dan had to travel to Sheffield for work at 4 o’clock, as he has a Boxing Day football match against Sheffield United.

The mood in the air was special from the start. We went downstairs and opened our presents and I can confidently say Henry and Amelia were over the moon! You should have seen Amelia’s face, she was tantalized by the day. Amelia’s first Christmas was amazing. Her little eyes were fixated. Not to say Henry was still in awe and ecstatic, but the magic of someone’s first Christmas is unimaginable until you see the sparkle in their little eyes!

Henry loved his ‘Little People – Caring for animals’ gift-set, and Amelia adored her ‘peek-a-boo book’.

There was a total of seven at our house today: myself, Dan, Henry Amelia, Uncle Nick, Auntie Louise and Cousin Gracie, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly stressed out about it!! I'm a bit of a tidy freak, but we are currently packing up our house as the dreaded transfer window approaches! I have lived in four different cities in four years, got married and had two children within that time, which has added to my battle with anxiety, but thats for another day and another blog post.

Nick, Louise and Gracie arrived the night before after a long journey from Blackpool. Nick and I have always spent Christmas together, since we were children, and we have continued the tradition with our own children as well! To make matters slightly more complex, we were not having a ‘traditional’ turkey meal this year, instead we were doing ‘turkey with a twist’.My husband, Dan, is Austrian and not the biggest fan of the conventional, and traditional turkey meal. Instead I have improvised! For starters we had pate and prawn tempura which was so yummy! Then we had hot roast turkey baguettes with salad and dressing, and to finish we had a rich and indulgent chocolate cake. The food was amazing, if I don’t say so myself (was most probably hunger and anticipation that made it taste so good!!) The amount of food I had eaten over the course of the day reminded me very vividly of pregnancy and all the food cravings you get!


However, despite all the festive fun and high-spirits, I couldn’t avoid the sub-conscious thought regarding the wastefulness associated with Christmas, and commercialism in general.

Here are 5 tips to enjoy Christmas in an environmentally-responsible fashion!

1. Recycle all wrapping paper or open delicately and use again next year (We recycled, Henry, Amelia and Dan, all rapidly scratched of their wrapping paper and the remnants are defo not reusable for wrapping !!! )

2. Eco-friendly Christmas cracker’s.

3. Source a sustainable Christmas tree and plant it with its roots in a pot (can be replanted or reused)

4. Buy Christmas decorations that will last a lifetime !! Choose classic designs that can be reused for years, and also avoid objects made from plastic or PVC.

5. Reusable advent calendars. Typical and cheaper advent calendars are an extremely inefficient use of a plastic for a little amount of chocolate. Opt for wooden advent calendars which can be refilled for years to come !

When Dan left at 4PM, we all snuggled on the sofa to watch movies and eat the remainders of todays’ feast.

Christmas is the pinacol of the calendar year and the enjoyment that people derive on the build-up to Christmas and the day itself I believe changes the entire mood of the country.

It’s a great time for reflection and also to acknowledge how lucky you are, I am extremely grateful to be blessed with such a wonderful family and I am so appreciative of that. Health is always a huge blessing in my life, as this time four years ago I spent six weeks in hospital with a mis-diagnosis, my appendix had ruptured and secondary to this I had sepsis, it was pretty much ‘touch and go’ at one point. But again, that story is for another day and another blog post!

In next weeks blog I will discuss our New Year’s Eve celebrations, a reflection on my own year, all the products I will be releasing as early as January 2020 (including bamboo reusable breast pads!!!), moving back to Watford and life on the road with Daniel’s career.