Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone !!

I hope you all have had the most splendid New Year’s celebrating with families and friends and I also hope that everyone is feeling super motivated and recharged for the start of the New Year and the new Decade - 2020!

To kickstart the New Year and welcome you all into 2020, BabyBamba is delighted and also extremely proud to announce the release of a series of brand NEW products !!

In celebration we are hosting a series of competitions and initiatives to give thanks to all our wonderful customers, followers and mummies!!

Go to our Instagram and scroll through our posts to enter!!! It’s as simple as liking the post and tagging two friends. We would love to congratulate last competitions winner @otis.littlepea , we hope you and your little one love your competition prize!!

The first of our new products which we will be releasing is a soothing Baby Comforter. This is a smaller sized muslin with a delicate silky edge which comes in a variety of colours!


Our new product is made of bamboo, a natural and breathable material that soothes and calms your baby instantaneously.

Our comforter’s silk edges improves your baby’s touch senses whilst simultaneous calming them. Scientific studies have proven that comforters help your babies transition into independent sleep.

The association of being put into their cot with one of our Babybamba comforters can help your baby recognise when it is time to go to sleep. This subconscious recognition allows babies to develop their cognitive system in advanced time. Try our sleep training products today!

A second exciting BabyBamba product launch sets to take the market by storm and say NO to single-use plastic Breast Pads!

This product is completely reusable and 100% bamboo breast pad and comes with a bamboo laundry bag completely free!!

Our breast pads make your breast feeding journey more comfortable. The selection of colours we offer mean that they are invisible through clothing and the soft, sustainable material makes them extremely comfortable and will not irritate your skin.

Our third product lunching in the new year is a is a much larger Baby Muslin blanket. It offers the gift to the little ones for an enhanced night’s sleep and is perfectly sized at 120x120cm. The new muslins have four layers of fabric for that extra bit of comfort. Our new designs feature an adorable pom-pom edging which is totally safe for use with small children. We hope you all love the new designs as much as we do!

Anyway .. now onto the fun stuff.. NEW YEARS EVE!!

We travelled to the north of England (my home) to party our way into the New Year. And what a wonderful time we had !!!!

As I mentioned in my last blog I was fortunate enough to blessed by the company of Nick, Louise and Gracie on Christmas Day however I unfortunately didn’t see my parents!! We all love going to see them, Henry and Amelia are always ecstatic when we mention that we will be seeing Grandad Dave (my Dad) Grandma JoJo (my Mum), and also the their Aunty Danielle (my sister) and Uncle James. (my brother. 

We missed Dan a lot on New Year’s Eve as he had a game on New Year’s Day but we have FaceTime! He and my Dad get on really well, and with my father being an ex-footballer himself, he takes great joy in re-living yesteryear and giving Dan advice (Dave was a striker and Dan is a goal-keeper, so there is always the reoccurring banter of “I would of scored against you” and “there’s no chance, I would of saved it!”)

Upon arrival we greeted each-other warmly and commenced the fun immediately. We played charades, Ludo, Twister (Grandad Dave and Nanny Jo sat out!) and pretty much every board game you could imagine. It was enough to knock Henry and Amelia out.

Once Amelia and Henry had gone to bed, it gave me an opportunity to reflect on the year, the highlight has definitely been the birth of Amelia. As hard as pregnancy is, it’s totally worth it when I see Amelia and Henry.


On New Year’s Day we had a huge family meal (feast). We had a lovely turkey roast with all the trimmings and I can certainly say that my mother Jo knows how to cook a mean meal.

Moving into the new year is exciting, I would love to hear what your New Year’s resolutions are and what exciting things you and the family have got planned!

Until next week.

Frankie x

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