Christmas at The Bachmanns' and our visit to LaplandUK!

Christmas at The Bachmanns' and our visit to LaplandUK!

Hello again! It’s Frankie, and I’m back for my second mummy blog! 

 Firstly, please let me thank everyone who gave their time to read last weeks blog, I am truly humbled and so pleased by all the feedback and praise, thank you all! As a show of thanks to all readers, we are launching a weekly competition every Thursday over the next month, starting today!!! Check out the Babybamba Instagram for details - @baby.bamba

 In last weeks blog I spoke to you all about my brand, Babybamba and my vision for a better and more sustainable future for our children. 

Before I go into detail about our amazing trip to LaplandUK, I would first like to outline, In spirit of Christmas (and sustainability), I will divulge four key tips that will improve our childrens' future and also simultaneously save you a penny or two!

  1. Buy recycled wrapping paper
  2. Try to send E-cards
  3. Take reusable bags when you go on your Christmas shopping trips
  4. Opt for eco-friendly and Fairtrade gifts

This week I want to share with you about my wonderful trip to LaplandUK. My wonderful friend, Sam Faiers, and I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to get our family together and have a fun, festive annual day out. We soon concluded that it is an absolute must for families with young kids. Especially if like us, you are absolutely Christmas mad, you’ll probably find yourself enjoying it more so than the kids!


Christmas is ALWAYS heavily anticipated in the Bachmann household and we have an annual trip to LaplandUK to get into the Christmas spirit. It was Amelia’s (my youngest – 9 months) first time doing anything like this, and I’m sure you’ll be able to tell from the pictures that she was absolutely in awe. 

We started the day off with a festive Brunch, my specialty; French toast with blueberries as we chit chatted about what we were most looking forward to that day, and meeting Santa was at the top of everyone's list. It was the perfect start to our day out, luckily the drive was only an hour away.  



As soon as you arrive, you’re totally immersed in the festive and theatrical Christmas experience, its no wonder that it’s the Magical Homeland for Santa and his elves, who festively greeted us from the get go, It truly is everything and more. It became clear right from the start, firstly the attention to detail in LaplandUK, secondly how the authenticity radiated with Amelia, Rosie, Paul and Henry! They were totally immersed and enchanted. 

After meeting the elf’s, we all continued our Christmas journey seeing numerous reindeer and also the huskies. The great aspect of Lapland is that it’s suitable for children and adults, it’s spectacular.  

Searching and adventuring around Lapland’s mystic forests full of animals and further surprises we had the great fortune to stumble across Mother Christmas in her snow covered cottage as we descended along the enchanted forest. Mother Christmas, in her truest festive spirit, was kind and gentle, as she told stories and encouraged all the children to make ginger-bread-men, and be extra good for Santa Claus.  


In what feels like one big blur now, we all made our way to the ice rink! I’d heard the metaphor before: “Bambi on ice” and I can now clearly relate. Thankfully, the penguins helped all of our stability as we danced (pranced) around the ice rink.  

The aroma of mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, combined with the distant echo of children laughing and enjoying themselves epitomised the experience! LaplandUK in Ascot offers everything needed for a great family day out! Whether its eating or adventuring, or even both, there is everything you need and more! It is an expensive day-out but it’s worth every penny, especially when I saw the smiles on Henry and Amelia’s faces! It certainly is a perfect domestic alternative to Lapland Finland and I’m delighted to say that I finally know what all the hype is about!  

Christmas will be spent at home in London with Daniel, Henry and Amelia. Henry and Amelia are delighted to be accompanied by their Uncle Nick and soon-to-be Auntie Louise, as well as there cousin Gracie! 

Come Christmas Eve, I hope all little ones are in bed early, with their mince and sherries out ready for Mr. Father Christmas!  

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, filled with copious amounts of food, booze and good old festive spirit. My next blog post will be released on Boxing Day, I hope you all look forward to reading it. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Frankie x